SimpleAB is now available for free

SimpleAB was one of our first Premium Extras three years ago. It's a rather niche product for agencies that want to offer A/B testing to their clients, where tools like Optimizely are too expensive. Over the years it has been clear that this group is not big enough for us to provide the level of quality, maintenance, and support that we consider a vital part of Premium Extras.

It's kind of a vicious circle. Low demand leads to few support emails and feature requests, which makes it a lower priority extra, which results in less innovation from us, keeping it fairly basic and in low demand.

So we're letting it go.

Moving forward, SimpleAB will be free under the MIT license. By removing the cost and opening up the source, we hope it will attract a larger community interested in conversion optimisation that will hack on the project and bring cool new features to MODX.

SimpleAB can be downloaded from our provider for free right away. The GitHub repository will be made public in the next few weeks.

As a little parting gift, we released SimpleAB 1.2.0-rc1 yesterday with a couple of small improvements.

Note for existing users: If you've purchased a SimpleAB license in the past couple of months, please contact us via [email protected] if you'd like a refund.