MODX Bug Hunt #3 and Meetup in Switzerland

The 3rd MODX Bug Hunt will take place on Friday, 9th February. The MODX Bug Hunt is an international event where members of the community come together to squash as many bugs in the MODX core as possible.

The Bug Hunt will take place in the beautiful snowy mountains of Grünenwald, Switzerland. But you don’t need to travel to Switzerland to take part: there will be a livestream on the official site and plenty of discussion taking place in the #modxbughunt channel on the Slack which means you can still contribute to the Bug Hunt from your own office or home.

The Bug Hunt also has prizes on offer. As a premium sponsor, modmore will offering free ContentBlocks licenses and beanies.

If you do fancy venturing out to Switzerland, Pixmill are hosting a MODX meetup which is taking place from 8th-11th February. There's still a few places left, so be sure to check out the official site and reserve a spot if you're interested. Our very own Mark Hamstra will be attendance.


Marc Jenkins

Marc is a frontend developer from Birmingham, England. Often found writing or enjoying a dram of whisky, occasionally at the same time.