Announcing Commerce 1.0

In January of 2015, we made our first code commit to Commerce (it was called MoreCommerce back then).

Then in November of 2015, we announced Commerce to the world at MODXpo in Munich.

Since then, we've made code 1,690 commits and published 80 releases.

And today, after much sweat and tears, we’re very pleased to announce Commerce 1.0.0-rc1 is here.

We made the announcement at the Amsterdam MODX meetup. To view the slides from Mark’s talk, click here.

Why create Commerce?

When Mark created modmore back in 2013, “ecommerce that works” was one of the original ideas that we wanted to work on.

That’s not to say there isn’t already competition. Even from the Evolution days, there have always been ecommerce plugins for MODX. Some were basic, others more advanced, but over time most of them were left unsupported and without active development. When we started building Commerce, there were only two real options for building a store in MODX: SimpleCart and minishop.

We wanted to build the ultimate no-brainer option for building a store in MODX. And we believe we’ve done just that. It’s modern, it’s modular, and it’s just fun to work with.

Why did it take so long to reach 1.0?

When we set out to create Commerce, we knew it would be a big project. It’s fair to say we underestimated just how big a project it would be.

Commerce entered a private alpha in February 2017 and then public beta in November 2017. As such, Commerce has been in active use for several years, and at this point, has been used on over 80 projects.

When it came to releasing 1.0, we wanted to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Stable, consistent, well-tested and extendable architecture
  • No need for additional breaking changes
  • Plug and play functionality, covering the majority of use case

It’s that last item – plug and play functionality – that really took the time to get right. There’s always one more “have must” feature to add, be it payment gateways, discount types, CRM integrations, live shipping rates, product fields, and so on.

We’ve finally reached the point where we’re ready to call it 1.0.

How do I get started?

You can start by taking a look at our features tour or our FAQ. Or you can dive straight in and try it for free using our development license.

We hope you enjoy using Commerce.

Marc Jenkins

Marc is a frontend developer from Birmingham, England. Often found writing or enjoying a dram of whisky, occasionally at the same time.