Improved invalid license management

There are days that we get more questions about licensing than our actual products. While we're always happy to help, we prefer helping people with using our products—not with managing licenses.

So, to make managing common license issues easier, we've released some improvements to our invalid license system.

First off, you can now list the 25 most recent license issues on your account. The list gives you a quick overview of what issues are still open, and when we last saw the invalid license.

It's also possible to connect the old license to license issues that were triggered without a license key. That happens when a license check is triggered from the Package Manager (rather than a custom manager page or resource panel), and made it impossible to do automatic license transfers with no other option but to request a manual license reset. Now, when viewing such a license issue, it will tell you how to add the license association after which the automatic license transfer option will be unlocked.

And finally, license issues that no longer appear to be valid (e.g. for a temporary domain or after an extra has been uninstalled) can be closed.

We're still here for all your questions, but hopefully we can talk more about the exciting things you're doing with our products rather than license keys and manager domains. :-)