New: more control over extra upgrades

If you've been using our extras for some time, you've probably come across our pre-releases channel. You go to your API Keys, enable pre-releases, and voila: you get access to early access releases ahead of stable releases. 

We've now added a new way for you to control which updates you install. Instead of only offering the last version, you can now select from a list of versions.

For example, if you're on SimpleCart 2.6.2 and have pre-releases enabled, you can now choose between 2.7.0 (the last stable release) and 2.8.0-rc1 (pre-release) that just came out:

"Update Package" window in MODX showing two versions that can be selected.

Similarly, you can choose to update to the latest Formalicious (2.0.3) or 1.4.4 if you're not ready for the major update. For Commerce, 1.0.3 or 1.1.1 can be selected. 

These changes were necessary as we're preparing to release Redactor 3 as a paid upgrade, which means we need to be able to offer separate 2.x releases for as long as that is supported. It will also allow us to release separate updates for MODX 3 while also keeping support for 2.7. 

By default the last version of each feature release is available as an update target. This means that when we release a version 1.2.0, the last version in the 1.1.x series will remain available, as well as the last 1.0.x release, etc. For all releases available today we've only enabled it for the most recent versions and available pre-releases. 

Note that it is not necessary to update in small steps. If you want to upgrade directly to the latest version you can (and probably should) always do that. The versions are shown in the reverse order as the MODX package manager will default to whatever comes first, so the "smallest" available upgrade is pre-selected. 

If you update packages remotely with SiteDash, you'll be pleased to know that we'll be looking at allowing you to select which version to update soon. Currently this will also default to the smallest available upgrade.