10 million tasks (and counting)

Today at 07:05 CET, SiteDash created its 10 millionth task. It's an audit task, which analyses the front-end of a site with Lighthouse to offer a thorough review and recommendations on improving performance, accessibility, and more. SiteDash automatically runs these weekly for all 3.241 connected sites.

As each task is typically made up from a few different sub-tasks, these 10 million tasks are actually 36.887.761 (and counting) unique actions taken by our fleet of workers, ranging from getting up-to-date information about your site to alert you of any changes, analysing your database collations, or creating a database backup before running a remote one-click MODX upgrade.

The number of tasks also doesn't count extended monitoring, currently in limited beta. That checks your sites' uptime and response time every minute, plus the CPU load and memory usage every 5 minutes, giving it in excess of 16 million checks executed already - at just a few dozen enabled sites. Getting that to scale to thousands of sites is one of the bigger challenges for the coming months.

To think this all started with a fun weekend project in 2017 and has since executed millions of tasks to help people manage their MODX sites is amazing. While I don't have any special announcements or sale to mark the occasion, I did want to share this milestone with you today. 

Haven't used SiteDash yet, but want to be part of the next 10 million? Grab a free one-month trial here.