Claim €2700+ in bounties at the 2021 Digital SnowUp and MODX3 Bug Hunt!

The 2021 SnowUp kicks off in just a few days. Online this time instead of in beautiful Switzerland, for obvious reasons, but it's looking to be a great event nonetheless.

If you haven't signed up yet, head over to Vito to join. It's free and will be a lot of fun.

Read more about the plan for the SnowUp over at, but to briefly summarize the schedule:

  • Thursday March 4th there's a digital social starting around 16:00 CET, where you can walk into conversations and mingle with other MODXers, from the comfort of your own home. Expect a secret link to arrive in your inbox to join this, and get your headset/webcam ready to go.
  • About an hour later, from 17:00 to 19:45 CET, a couple of speakers will tell you about MODX 3, including a Q&A to get your questions answered.
  • Friday March 5th is all about bug hunting! Get yourself set up with the latest MODX 3 snapshot and help get it ready for an official release. The hosts will explain the bug hunt rules at 8am and give some updates throughout the day — but if you join later, that's fine too.

Bug Hunt Bounties

The bug hunt on Friday is of special interest, as we're sponsoring €1700+ in bounties! 💰️And, thanks to and Pixmill for already offering additional sponsoring, that's now up to €2700+!

The main goal is to get people to test MODX3 thoroughly and to fix issues to get us closer to a stable release people can start using. That's not just about writing code, but also about triaging issues, improving documentation, and making sure extras are compatible.

To incentivize people to work on those things, we have come up with the following bug bounty categories.

  1. Fixing specific issues, worth a specific amount each. These are bugs or features that have been previously identified, but not yet fixed. Total of €375 in bounties.
  2. Reporting new MODX3-specific issues or validating MODX3 issues reported by others. This is worth €7,50 per issue. Capped at 100 issues, for €750 in bounties.
  3. Documentation fixes, €5 per issue, €95 in total.
  4. Making extras used on >=15% of sites compatible with MODX3: €25 per extra. For 38 extras, that's €950 in total.

Bonus: a Bonus Bounty

On top of these bounties, we're putting additional sponsorship we receive into a "Bonus Bounty".

That's a lump sum of cash, donated by other companies, that will be proportionally divided based on the total bounties you've earned. So if the bounty for a specific issue is €25, at the end of the bug hunt you'll get a bonus of (25 / {total claimed bounties} x {total bonus bounty}).

When I write this, the total bonus bounty to be shared is €425. 

If you'd like to add to the bonus bounty, make a donation here by March 8th and we'll add it into the spreadsheet for the bonus bounty. 

The Mighty Spreadsheet

If you're not confused about all the numbers and totals now, you must be amazing at math!

To keep track of all the bounties and everyone's total, we've set up a spreadsheet here

There's a tab in that spreadsheet for each of the bounty categories listed above, which will tell you the status of specific issues and list the available bounties. When an issue has been resolved, we assign it to the person who earned the bounty.

The Leaderboard tab then automatically updates and will show everyone's total bounty, plus their share of the bonus bounty.

We'll very likely add extra bounties during the day, and we'll try to keep it updated in real-time as much as possible so you can see yourself move in the leaderboard ranking, so keep an eye on that spreadsheet!

Rules & Payouts

There's also a tab with some rules and information on how we'll do the payouts in the spreadsheet - please check that out.

Most importantly all bounties must be claimed by March 9th to count and there's a €15 minimum for payouts. You can also get a 10% bonus if you choose to get paid out in modmore credit or a SiteDash extension instead of cash, as that's so much easier for us to process.

We'll start paying out our bounties on/after March 9th, so while formally the bug hunt is just this Friday, you're welcome to continue bug hunting over the weekend and still collect a few bounties.

If you've resolved an issue with a bounty but don't see it assigned to you yet or have questions about the rules, please send me an email.


Everything discussed here until this part is only about the bounties modmore is sponsoring and/or handling based on third party donations we've received.

Sterc has also offered some bounties so be sure to check the list of bounties in the SnowUp Hub for the full €4500+ up for grabs!

Hope to see you there!