ContentBlocks v1.11

This morning we've released ContentBlocks v1.11 with a couple of new commonly-requested features and improvements.

  • Refactor exports and imports to properly support repeaters and to also include categories. The XML syntax has changed somewhat to support this and older exports will need to be recreated to successfully import repeaters. [#350]
  • Support @FILE binding for all templates [#501] - this lets you support easier file-based workflows for your field/layout configurations, although you'll still need to set up the configurations through the component (or an import).
  • Exporting fields and layouts now take into account the category filter, so you can choose to export only elements in a specific category
  • Component now shows the installed ContentBlocks version in the footer
  • Fix missing text in confirm window for exporting templates
  • Fix static chunks in cbGetFieldContent not updating [#584]
  • Prevent changing the color palette on image uploads [S26789]