ContentBlocks v1.9

ContentBlocks v1.9 is now available from the package manager. As always this is a free update, and it comes with a couple of small new features for you to enjoy, as well as some bugfixes and improvements.

New features:

  • Uploaded images can now be automatically cropped to a maximum size (defaulting to 4096x4096px) and have its embedded meta data removed (disabled by default)
  • Uploaded images are now automatically rotated if needed
  • Add redactor to contentblocks.defaults_allowed_inputs to allow Redactor 3 input types to be recognized as rich text. This only applies on new installations, so if you're upgrading, you'll need to add this to the setting manually. [#576]
  • Relax required PHP version to 7.2+, while still checking for recommended versions
  • Support basic placeholders in @CHUNK template tags, e.g. @CHUNK SomeChunk-[[+value]] [#593]
  • Added a handful of new icons (thanks Yana!) [#364]

Bug fixes, improvements:

  • Fix installation on MODX3 [F2065]
  • Improve tooltip handling when adding content or layouts [S24342]
  • Prevent fatal errors in snippets and plugin if an uninstallation fails [S25384]
  • Fix saving availability options when creating a new field [#575]
  • Prevent session locking when using PHP sessions from freezing the rebuild content console [#574/F1991]
  • Update Imagine to v1.2.4 and add utility method getImagine() to ContentBlocks service class
  • Move vendor directory one folder up