New: search for users from SiteDash

With SiteDash you could already get an overview of your site and remotely upgrade MODX and packages (among other things), but now you can now also search for users across all your connected sites.

Screenshot of the SiteDash dashboard, showing 24 users found for the query "markh".

This is useful when a team member left your agency, and you want to make sure their accounts on client sites have been removed, for example. Or even if you forgot your own username!

As user information is rather sensitive, we've taken several steps to make sure this search is safe and secure.

  1. Search results are fetched on-demand only (SiteDash does not mirror your user tables), and are automatically removed after 30 minutes.
  2. Search queries, along with who did the search, are stored for 6 months to provide a simple audit trail of who in your team looked up user information. We recommend unique SiteDash accounts for each member of your team for this to be most useful.
  3. Queries and results are safely encrypted. We cannot see your user queries nor the results in our backend.
  4. The standard public/private key authentication is used for searching through your site.

If you want to block SiteDash' access to your users entirely, that's also possible! Just disable the sitedashclient.allow_user_search system setting, and the client will prevent all access to this information. When doing a search, sites that encountered an error are listed separately at the bottom, so you know which sites you may still need to check manually.

This feature requires updating to v1.5 of the SiteDash client, available from both modmore and MODX.