Redactor v3.1

Redactor v3.1 is now available. This is a relatively small release with a couple notable improvements:

  • The toolbar buttons behave a lot more predictably now. If you still have toolbars where the buttons don't follow your configuration properly in v3.1, please email [email protected] with a copy of your configuration and we'll try to get that sorted out.
  • Font families and colors are now configurable
  • A whole slew of z-index issues have been fixed

Full changelog:

  • Adjust z-index for fullscreen Ace editor to prevent navbar issues [F2035-11]
  • Fix z-index for redactor modals hiding behind MIGX and other popups after a Redactor.js update changed modal IDs [#522]
  • Update divider plugin to work more reliably with improved toolbar.addButton behavior in redactor.js
  • Sort button-related plugins by order in which they are used, to improve reliability of positioning [#519, S24844]
  • Update Redactor.js from v3.4.5 to v3.4.8, including improved XSS protections:
  • Patch toolbar.addButton with fix for buttons disappearing if the button before it isn't yet loaded
  • Add ability to customise the font family and color options available in fontfamily and fontcolor dropdowns [#509]