Commerce 1.2.8

Today we released Commerce 1.2.8 with a number of bug fixes. Notable fixes include ensuring fixed coupon codes don't bring the order total below 0, resolving a makeUrl error in the log when the AcceptTerms module is enabled but has no resource set, and fixing the initially applied shipping method not always taking into account order restrictions (i.e. min/max amounts).

The full changelog for this release:

  • [snippets] Fix the render_taxed_price snippet not having access to the previous price [S33543]
  • [tvs] Mark current resource as dirty after using the new, copy or move actions on matrix TVs. [#1058]
  • [tvs] Fix "new" action matrix form validation/callback when duplicating a resource. [#1060]
  • [core] Fix null item error being logged when using render_taxed_price snippet, or manually adding a product to an order. [#909]
  • [modules] Fix makeUrl error when AcceptTerms module is enabled without a resource [S33916]
  • [discounts] Fix "Active" checkbox on the update discount form not reflecting the current value correctly. [#1075]
  • [discounts] Fix fixed price coupons (without appropriate min order value) being able of making the order total negative [S34345
  • [checkout] Order item IDs are now available in the automatic AJAX response as those need to be used for changing quantities/removing items
  • [checkout] Fix shipping method not always applying correctly on the first add to cart [#998]

While support for 1.2 continues and is the stable release we recommend for production, we're also still working on Commerce 1.3. For those of you using that on staging and testing sites, we'll have another dev build (dev5) available for you in the next day or two with the fixes in 1.2.8, plus additional improvements.