Gitify 2.0.0-alpha4

A new pre-release is out now in the form of Gitify 2.0.0-alpha4, including bug fixes, dependency updates and a new setup mode for MODX. Thanks to contributors @matdave and @jgulledge19, a type error was rectified in the gitify clearcache command, and MODX will now go into setup mode while building. The command gitify package:install also now works with MODX 3.x. Some changes needed to be made to handle the new response object the package provider uses in MODX 3.

To install Gitify v2, head over to the GitHub page for the instructions, and run:

composer global require modmore/gitify:^2

You can find the full Gitify documentation here.

It should be noted that Gitify's companion extra, Gitify Watch, has now also been updated to version 2, and is compatible with Gitify 2.0.0-alpha4 and MODX 3.x!

Murray Wood

Murray is a part-time senior developer at modmore, regular MODX core contributor, author of many Commerce extensions, and recently became a dad. He works remotely from Hong Kong, spending his time building exciting new features, squashing bugs, and providing support.