Introducing BabelTranslate

Thomas of Treehill Studio has been keeping busy! He has just finished a pre-release of BabelTranslate, a new premium extra to help you translate your multilingual sites.

BabelTranslate adds automatic translations to Babel. So you'll need to set up your contexts first, configure what to translate, and then you can use the Translate toolbar to update the translation on a linked resource.

BabelTranslate can translate standard content fields (pagetitle, introtext, etc), text TV types – and even ContentBlocks blocks! You'll need to define what to translate in a couple of system settings.

It uses DeepL, which is one of the better automatic translation services out there. You can use both the free API (up to 500,000 characters per month) or their Pro offering if you need to translate more.

BabelTranslate is a Premium Extra, priced at €39, including support provided by Thomas.

Until the public release during the MODXpo, licenses are available at just €29.

Learn more about BabelTranslate