MODXpo 2022 Aftermovie

Hosting this years' hybrid MODXpo conference was a blast. A ton of work, don't get me wrong, but also great to see it come together, and it has given me the opportunity to learn so much. 

If you missed it or want to relive the conference, check out the aftermovie!

The aftermovie is in (mostly) chronological order, highlighting some of the more memorable moments, showing the recurring themes of the day, and tries to give you the opportunity to experience the vibe of the conference more so than the full content. I hope it comes across and makes you excited to join the next one!

Full video replays of all sessions are available here if you want to dive into any of the sessions.

All session videos are now available, though not all (automatic) captions have been corrected yet - we'll get to (and through) that hopefully this week.

Thanks to everyone that participated and helped make the MODXpo 2022 possible!