MoreGallery 1.14 & 1.15

When we released MoreGallery 1.12, it was exciting to have a single release for both MODX 2 and 3. While we have cross-compatible releases in our other extras, getting that to work with a custom resource type was quite challenging.

In the months that followed, it sadly wasn't as stable as we would've liked it to be. Users would regularly have issues with either the upgrade or a clean install, to the point of broken sites.

It's been troublesome to get that working reliably, so we pulled v1.12 and have released 2 new versions in its place today:

  • MoreGallery v1.14.x is the replacement for MODX 2.8
  • MoreGallery v1.15.x is the replacement for MODX 3.0 and up

Without having to worry about cross-compatibility, these releases are much simpler and more fault tolerant, so should work much more reliably.

It does mean that this is the last feature release targeting MODX 2.8. We'll keep supporting it and will release security and bug fixes for at least a year or two, but new features will only target the MODX 3 releases. 

Next time you install or upgrade MoreGallery, be sure to choose the right version. The installer will prevent installing on the wrong version, but our package provider doesn't currently have the ability to restrict specific releases to specific MODX versions, so you'll be offered both.

If you're upgrading from MODX 2 to 3, make sure you're up-to-date on 1.14 first and then update to 1.15 after the MODX 3 installation.