New: Item Options for Commerce

Today we're releasing a new Item Options extension for Commerce. This extension makes it easier to create "configured products", where the customer chooses from different options to add to a base product.

Contrary to something like the Product Matrix where each potential combination is created up-front, Item Options dynamically adds selected options to an order item. Because products are not created up front, it lets you compose many different options in a much more scalable and reasonable way.

This approach is ideal for bespoke made-to-order products, or something like food order/delivery shops where users can select the sides or sauces to go with a burger.

That last use case would look something like this in the cart:

This new extension provides a lot of flexibility and I'm excited to see what you might build with it. It's available for free from our provider, and as an official extension it's also covered by standard support.

Instructions on how to set it up, including code for the above example, can be found in the documentation.

Please note that Commerce 1.2.6, also released today, is required for this extension.

Special thanks to Rachel of LiMON for sponsoring the development on this module!