Redactor 3.1.4

We've just released Redactor 3.1.4 with a few important fixes:

  • Fix resource-based path placeholders not working [F2379]
  • Fix some more strict type checks that would prevent functionality from working in 3.0
  • Fix uploaded file url generation losing the first filename character in some edge cases [#528]

Path placeholders are a very useful feature in Redactor that allows you to automatically organize your uploaded files and images into dynamic directories. Sadly, they actually haven't worked for resource-based data in some time.

There's a range of use cases for the path placeholders. From grouping assets by contexts (use [[+context]]), dates ([[+year]], [[+month]]), and resource-based values such as [[+alias]], [[+parent_alias]] and more.

A full list of the available placeholders is available in the configurator under Media > Uploads.