The top 10 Best MODX Websites of 2022

As part of this years' MODXpo, we're hosting the first-ever Best MODX Website Award. Online and in-person attendees had until early June to submit their sites, and the judges have finished their reviews!

While we didn't receive as many sites as we were expecting (just 19), the ones that were submitted definitely made an impression. There truly are some gems being made by the MODX community, and hopefully we can do awards like these more often to showcase them.

The sites have been judged based on three overarching criteria:

  • Performance, combining objective measures and the perceived performance according to the reviewers (36 points)
  • Design, looking at the user experience, typography, and creativity that has gone into the website (36 points)
  • Accessibility, testing how well the site performs when navigating from a keyboard, examining the semantics and contrast of the site, and looking for specific accessibility features (28 points)

The judges submitted their own individual review for all or some of the sites to be reviewed. Then we took the average score from all judges from modmore, and added the average score from all judges from MODX, for the total maximum of 100 points per site.

It's worth noting that in the case of one site (, MODX LLC has had a long partnership with their in-house design and development team despite the site being primarily built in-house. To avoid bias, we only counted (and doubled) the reviews from the modmore judges for that site. That did not affect the final ranking.

On the whole, accessibility seems to be the toughest criteria. Out of the maximum of 28 points, the average score for accessibility is just 12,30 points, not even half! So, if you want to win future editions of the Best MODX Website Award, definitely spend a little time making sure your site can be used with the keyboard and has sufficient contrast. ;) 

Here are the top 10 sites, in alphabetical order:

We'll announce the winner and the full ranking (including individual scores) during the MODXpo, so be sure to join us or tune in online to be the first to know!

Which of the above sites is your favorite and do you think should win?