Win the first-ever Best MODX Website Award

Think you've built the best MODX website? This MODXpo we're very excited to put your sites to the test and present for the first time the Best MODX Website Award!

And yes: it is an actual physical award you get to take home or to your office! 

The above is obviously a printed-in-black-and-white paper arts and crafts project to get a better idea of the size and proportions, and not the real award. It's just a tribute.

The real award will be custom-made out of 20mm crystal glass with a full-color print, measuring 220mm tall and 145mm wide. The inscription on the base will include the agency name and the site they won the award with, and it will come in a luxurious gift box.

It's going to make an amazing eye-catcher on an office shelf! 

So, how do you win?

  1. Buy your tickets; only agencies attending the MODXpo can take part
  2. Submit up to 3 websites before May 27th - send the links to [email protected]
  3. We'll then judge each site based on the criteria performance (35%), design (35%), and accessibility (30%), and give each site a final score.
  4. Once all sites have been judged, we'll ask the top 3 to prepare a 5-minute presentation to present the website at the MODXpo during the award ceremony. This presentation can go into the process of how it was built, show some highlights. Basically: show the community what goes into making the best MODX site!
  5. After the top 3 sites have been presented, the winner will be announced and they'll get to take the award home!

Each agency or freelancer, regardless of number of tickets bought, may submit at most 3 websites. Sponsors contributing over €500 may submit a fourth website. All sites must have been completed, or significantly upgraded, in the past 3 years. 

The judging will be done by representatives from MODX and modmore, specifically Ryan Thrash (MODX), Mat Jones (MODX), Isaac Niebeling (modmore), Murray Wood (modmore), and Marc Jenkins (modmore). It's not the most diverse group of judges admittedly, which would be great to improve in a future iteration. Just remember we're putting an entire conference together in only 2,5 months! ;)

Each site will be judged by representatives from both companies, both giving up to 50 points for a total maximum of 100. If multiple judges from the same company judge a site, the average of their scores will be used.

Example: Ryan gives a site 41 points, Mat gives it 37, and Isaac gives it 43. The MODX average (from Ryan and Mat's scores) is 39 points. Add Isaac's 43 to that, and the site is awarded 82 out of 100 points. 

Judging which site is "the best" will always be at least somewhat subjective. Once we've made the verdict, it's final and not up for debate.

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