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Latest news (August 19th): all videos can now be watched without an account or purchase.

Over two years since the last MODX gathering, modmore invites you to the MODXpo 2022 on Friday July 8, 2022 in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

MODXpo 2022, stacked logo

The MODXpo is a annualy-ish international conference dedicated to MODX. These last few years have been a wild ride, so we're keeping it simple: 1 day with a single track of talks, plus plenty of time, space, and activities to help you meet and mingle safely.

The MODXpo is hybrid this year, hosted at the Van der Valk Hotel Arnhem, but also offering a live stream and virtual venue to attend online.

The schedule covers a variety of topics, so bring your team! There will be showcases of new and interesting MODX extras, looking at recent PHP developments, discussions about running a MODX-powered agency, and more. We're very excited about the speaker line-up featuring well-known speakers and community experts.

As a special treat, we're awarding the first ever Best MODX Website Award! Submissions have officially closed, but if you submit your sites right now we may still be able to add you to the list as judging has not yet begun.

We're excited to finally see you again. Welcome back. ?

Attend in-person

Nothing quite beats attending a conference like the MODXpo in-person. Aside from the all-inclusive ticket, you get the opportunity to meet and mingle with the amazing speakers and key contributors from the community.

Renew existing friendships and partnerships within the MODX community, and build new ones over a shared lunch and drinks.

Tickets are available for €139, including 21% VAT, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks all day, an extensive lunch buffet , evening social , fair speaker compensation , one month excusive video access, but no wasteful goodie bags.

Signup will close on June 27th—book early!

Ticket update (June 8th): we expect +- 40 people to join us in-person.

Attend online

If you can't make it, or aren't yet comfortable attending an internation conference yet, you can experience the MODXpo from the comfort of your own home or office.

We've also heard of a couple local viewing parties being planned, which is amazing.

Online Tickets are available for €35, which includes VAT, access to the live stream and virtual venue where you can walk around and talk (or chat) with other online viewers, plus live Q&A/polls, and one-month exclusive access to the video recordings.

If you can, join us live on July 8th so you can be part of the discussion and meet others. Afterwards you'll have a month exclusive access to the full 8+ hour playback, but interaction will be more limited.

Ticket update (June 8th): we expect +- 70 people to join us online.

If you have any questions about the event, email Mark.

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

Right now!

In-person tickets will be available at €129 (or €97 without dinner) until May 27th. After May 27th, tickets go up by €10 to encourage early sign ups as we'll need a decent idea of the number of people at the start of June.

Registration for in-person tickets closes on June 23rd.

Online tickets will remain available until one month of all videos being made available. If you'd like to watch the live stream, make sure you're logged in and/or book early to make sure you get access to the live portal. We'll email you the link and more information a few days before the event.

Tickets can be cancelled for free until June 17th. After that, a fee may apply.

You can upgrade, downgrade, or change the name on your tickets until June 27th. Just send an email to [email protected] with the changes you'd like to make. After June 17th, a fee may apply when downgrading.

We'll manage your access to the live stream, replay, and individual videos through your account. If you make sure to be signed in when buying your tickets, that will apply automatically.

At the moment all our time slots have unfortunately been filled up. We may still accept a backup speaker, though.

Definitely! Enter the information when buying your ticket, or email [email protected] with details, and we'll make sure to pass it along to the kitchen staff.

Lunch and dinner do already include some vegetarian options, but we may replace some of the meat or fish options or arrange for some extra veggy dishes if there's a desire for that.

Yes, the 2020 MODXpo was scheduled to take place in Heidelberg. While we were very excited about the plans there, COVID caused it to be postponed and then canceled entirely.

As the situation right now (May '22) seems optimistic enough to host a conference before the summer holidays, we at modmore decided to slim it down to a one-day single-track event we could run ourselves. Combined with renting space at a commercial hotel/conference center instead of an office center, which takes a lot more effort to turn into a full-blown conference, makes it only slightly unreasonable to organize it all in just three months.

Hopefully the MODXpo Heidelberg plan can be picked up again for 2023. We'll of course support such initiatives as well.

When someone steps up to host it! ;)

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, the density of MODX users is simply a lot larger in Western and Eastern Europe than it seems to be elsewhere, making it a desirable place to organise conferences like this.

We, too, would love to attend conferences elsewhere though. We're always happy to support other organizers with sponsoring or organizational support, so hit up Mark if you see an opportunity near you.

MODXpo 2022 was made possible with help from our partners

Help us organise an amazing conference by sharing the MODXpo!

The more the merrier! Find the official event listings on LinkedIn, Facebook, and, or send the link to the conference website to your MODX friends.

Thanks to sponsors we can keep ticket prices affordable, pay speakers a fair compensation for their efforts, and offer an amazing event with just three months to organize it all.
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