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Help MODXpo 2022 become a success

Organizing a conference is a lot of fun, but it's also expensive. With the help of sponsors and partners we can make the conference as enjoyable and accessible as possible.

In return for your support, we'll help get your brand in front of MODX developers both offline and online, in a way that continues to build brand recognition and potential leads for years to come.

If you have any questions about sponsoring or want to request a call-back, please email [email protected]. Prices listed on this page are inclusive of VAT if applicable.

Just want to contribute? Purchase standard sponsor packs here.

Example Sponsor Packs

We'd prefer to tailor your sponsorship to you, but here are a few examples in different budget ranges with tickets included to help guide the discussion.

Basic Sponsor €250, including 1 Ticket

  • Your logo (small) on all the things (see Sponsor Walls & Banners)
  • 1 Sponsor Ticket (full day), including your logo on name badge, €109
  • Total cost: €359

Triple Sponsor €500, including 3 Tickets

  • Your logo (medium) on all the things (see Sponsor Walls & Banners), including link on website placements
  • Place 1 standard 80x200 roll-up banner in the conference room or hall
  • 3 Agency Tickets (full day) including your logo on name badge, €327
  • Total cost: €827

Live Stream Sponsor (€1950, see bottom of page), including 4 Tickets

  • Your logo (large) on all the things (see Sponsor Walls & Banners), including link on website placements
  • Place 2 standard 80x200 roll-up banner in the conference room or hall
  • See extra benefits under Specific Sponsor Items
  • 4 Agency Tickets (full day) including your logo on name badge, €436
  • Cost: €2386

Sponsor Walls & Banners

All sponsor/agency tickets get their own agency logo printed on their own badge.

All sponsors with a value of €250 or more will be listed on our sponsor walls, which puts your logo on all the things, including on:

  • 2 physical banners showing and thanking all the sponsors at the conference
  • one of the slides shown on screen and in the live stream during the opening and closing remarks
  • one of the slides shown on screen and in the live stream during breaks, and for sponsors > €500 also on the speaker introduction slide
  • logo strip shown at the bottom of each page in the MODXpo 2022 section of our site (remains available until at least the end of 2022); this will include a follow link to your website for sponsors over €500
  • logo strip shown on the individual video pages (after we've sliced up the live stream into individual talks) on our video site as long as the videos remain available; this will include a follow link to your website for sponsors over €500

Especially the placements on video pages and in the recording/stream itself are amazing opportunities. Those will stay up long-term and will continue to attract traffic for years, ideal for building brand recognition.

The size at which logos are displayed depends on your total sponsorship, and are relative to the size of the MODXpo logo which will always be the biggest.

  • The MODXpo logo will be shown in size XL: this is the base "row" depending on the context (a "row" might for example be the full width of a standard 80cm wide roll-up banner, or a third of the width of the projector screen)
  • Sponsors over €1000 will be shown in size Large: 0,5x the MODXpo logo (2 per row)
  • Sponsors over €500 will be shown in size Medium: 0,33x the MODXpo logo (3 per row)
  • Sponsors over €250 will be shown in size Small 0,2x the MODXpo logo (5 per row)

Note that we may choose to deviate from this scale to make the overall layout look better, so they're not exact numbers.

Sponsors over €1000 will also get a public shout-out by the host during the welcome, when restarting after lunch, and in the closing ceremony.

Sponsors over €750 will have their logo photoshopped into the virtual venue in various places for online attendees.

Sponsors over €500 can bring one standard 80x200cm roll-up banner promoting their products or services; sponsors over €1000 can bring two (or one larger banner/wall element). Placement will be in either the conference room or hallway, we'll help you find a suitable spot. Please make sure to be at the venue by 8:30 to place the banners before people start coming into the room.

If you're satisfied with just logo and banner placement: great! We'll use your contribution towards generic budget items at our own discretion, to offset room costs and AV. If you'd like to get a bit more creative, however, be sure to check the Specific Sponsor Items below.

Sponsor Tickets

Sponsor tickets are available at €109 (saving €20 or 15% compared to a regular ticket), and require a minimum of €90 sponsorship per ticket. For example, to buy 5 Sponsor Tickets you need at least 5x90=€450 in sponsorship.

If you just want to support the conference a little, the €199 Agency Tickets are a great way to do so as they include the €90 sponsorship right away. Plus, you can add extra sponsorship to reach a higher level of benefits. 

For example: You buy 3 sponsor tickets for your team for €327, which requires at least €270 sponsorship for a total of €597. To bump up to the €500 sponsorship level, you would need to sponsor an extra €230.

Specific Sponsor Items

We're pretty flexible in terms of sponsorship amounts and the associated benefits to sponsors, so if you have other ideas than what's listed below, let us know! We love creative ideas on getting your brand noticed that also add value to the conference.

When booking any of the sponsorships listed below, you also get the logo placement benefits as described under Sponsor Walls at the listed level., and you can of course add sponsor tickets at €109 each

Live Stream Sponsor

1/1 available

As Live Stream Sponsor, you're instrumental to accomplishing our Live Stream & Recording plans. You'll get a Large logo on the sponsor walls (see above), can bring 2 banners (or 1 big one), plus additional video-specific coverage on both the in-venue screens and the live stream and resulting videos. Please note video designs still need to be made, so the below is subject to change.

1) The corner of the screen and stream will subtly cycle between the MODXpo, modmore, and your logo every 30 seconds or so. This will also be visible in the video recordings published later.

2) Your logo will be prominently shown on the intro and outro slides at the start and end of each talk, both on screen and stream, visible for as long as it takes for the speakers to switch and the next speaker to be introduced. In the published recordings, these slides will be visible at least 5 seconds each.

3) The page hosting the live stream during the conference and the full stream playback afterwards will prominently include your logo (size Large), including a link to your website. Note that this is in addition to logos placed on the individual talk video pages.

4) If you have a short (max 90 seconds) video promoting your business, product(s), or service(s) which has a direct relation to MODX or web development, for +€150 we'll show that on screen and stream when people returned from the morning break. The video must be approved and provided before June 27th. This option is only offered to the Live Stream Sponsor.

Note: Sponsorship details and amount not yet final.

Social Event Sponsor

3/5 available

The Social Event starts after the main conference at 17:30, and includes a walking dinner, snacks, and an open bar. There will also be a collection of boardgames and a pool table.

Social Event Sponsors provide the drinks for one hour of the social event. During the closing of the conference we'll put a timetable of sponsors up on the screen and live stream, and publicly mention your company as the sponsor for the relevant hour.

We accept just one sponsor per hour, but one sponsor may sponsor multiple hours.

The bar will have 2 roll-up banners with the timetable of sponsors, and we'll print 100 double-sided full-color round coasters with your logo that will be distributed and used in the bar (you're also welcome to supply a design of your own; note different shapes or sizes may cost extra).

Final person count will be available on June 27th. We're happy to set a fixed sponsor fee after May 27th.

already reserved

Lanyard Sponsor (shared)

0/1 available, reserve by June 8th

The 20mm wide double-clip lanyards, included in the price, will have a minimal design showing the MODXpo logo, modmore logo, and the Lanyard Sponsor lined up in a row which is repeated for the length of the lanyard.

Lanyards are a great way of getting passive impressions and building brand recognition.

already reserved

Lanyard Sponsor (exclusive)

0/1 available, reserve by June 8th

Rather than share the lanyards with MODXpo and modmore logos, at this sponsorship level you may supply the entire design with just your branding. Price of the lanyards is included, design is not.

If you'd like, you can keep any left over lanyards to use at future events. We can even order a larger batch than needed at the MODXpo for an extra fee, so you have a batch available for future events. If you already have a sufficient stash of double-clip lanyards that fit our name cards, we're happy to discuss a reduced price for the sponsorship.

Afternoon Break Sponsor

1/1 available, reserve by June 8th

The afternoon break is a little longer than the morning break. With your sponsoring, we'll add an extra treat. Perhaps a typically Dutch broodje kroket, some healthy smoothies, some sweet donuts, or an ice cream cart? We'll work with you to find something that fits your budget.

Sponsoring includes the sponsor walls, 20x30cm-sized signs placed right by the snack with your logo (or an entirely custom design provided by you of that size), and a callout by the host at the start of the break thanking you for supplying the extra snack.

Final person count will be available on June 27th. We're happy to set a fixed sponsor fee after May 27th.

Best MODX Website Award Sponsor

1/1 available, reserve by June 8th

Help us bring the Best MODX Website Award to a higher level!

Instead of one, the winner will get two physical awards (the second a bit smaller) so they can give one to the client the website was built for. Someone on your team will get to be the one that presents the award to the winner, and the host will audibly thank your company for sponsoring the award at the start of the ceremony, right before the winner is announced, and at the end of the ceremony.

Your logo will be incorporated into the video backdrop of the ceremony, and potentially in the pedastal the award will sit on while the nominees present their sites.

Important: if you sponsor the Award, you are no longer eligible to take part in it.

Professional Captions Sponsor

1/1 available, reserve by June 8th

We're currently looking into offering live captions. Either as closed captions in the livestream, as open captions rendered on the actual video including on the screens at the conference, or both!

However, the costs for this is greater than what we imagined and we just can't afford the quotes we've gotten. We'll likely still offer live captions through automated free/low-budget tools, but if you're interested in accessibility and want to give us a big bag of cash to do it through a professional captioning agency to ensure great quality, let us know!

Help us organise an amazing conference by sharing the MODXpo!

The more the merrier! Find the official event listings on LinkedIn, Facebook, and, or send the link to the conference website to your MODX friends.

Thanks to sponsors we can keep ticket prices affordable, pay speakers a fair compensation for their efforts, and offer an amazing event with just three months to organize it all.
Interested in sponsoring? See sponsor opportunies »

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