Announcing Mark's worst idea ever: MODXpo 2022

Do you remember the days, only a few short years ago, when people would actually *gasp* meet in person everyone once in a while? As modmore's 9th birthday is coming up soon, I thought it was time for a little celebration and went looking at venues for hosting a small local meetup to have a celebratory toast.

Somewhere along the line, I must've lost what remained of my mind after two years of isolation, as I'm suddenly finding myself organizing an entire MODXpo in just three months!

For context, most MODXpos have been organized by a group of companies over the course of a year. While modmore has been involved with most of them in one form or another, the other parties are usually sizable agencies, with dedicated staff to call sponsors, scout speakers, compare caterers, and figure out complex challenges that come with an event.

Let me say that again: three months, from inception to the event. 10 weeks from today.

By all accounts, this is the worst idea I've ever had that ended up getting announced.

Yet, I'm incredibly excited. To meet and mingle again, even if slightly different from before. To curate interesting talks from inside and outside the community, find diverse speakers, and put that education I never finished to use. To see what can be accomplished at such short notice, while simultaneously aspiring to make it the best MODXpo yet.

I'm having a blast ignoring the limits of reasonable event management. 

In just the last two weeks, a full plan has begun taking shape with several innovations and differences from prior editions. The schedule is already filling up rapidly, too, with more speakers to announce very soon. 

Learn more about MODXpo 2022, taking place on July 8th in Arnhem (NL) here.

In-person tickets are now available; video tickets to follow in a few weeks.

I hope to see you in 10 weeks!