Video Tickets are now available! For €29 (incl. VAT) you can get access to the live stream on July 8th, plus one month exclusive access to the full playback and individual videos.

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Live stream & Recordings

Unable or unwilling to travel and meet in person? No problem, we're offering a Video Ticket that gives access to a live stream of the main event, plus one month exclusive access to playback.

After the MODXpo, we'll slice up the full 8 hour stream into the individual talks, and make those available on our video site to make it easier to rewatch in the future. That will be exclusive to people who attended in-person or bought a video ticket for one month.


We'll use two panning and zooming cameras to offer multiple angles to follow whoever is speaking, plus a direct feed of the presenters' screen. We'll mix it live to give an interesting view of the conference, and distribute it through an embedded Vimeo Live event from this very page.

It's the first time we're doing this type of live streaming and mixing of an event. We're renting professional equipment and getting technical help from an experienced local AV company, combined with a live mixing PC we're already configuring ahead of time with the various scenes and overlays. There will be a wired internet connection for us at the venue to help with network stability.

While we're well prepared to give you a proper show, live events can be tough and we'll likely mess up some camera transitions, accidentally disable the wrong microphone, or encounter unexpected or stability issues on the spot. We'll learn and Make sure to let us know via the chat if something's not looking right on your end.

If the live stream, and in particular the internet connectivity, does fail on us, we will be recording the stream locally as backup to upload in full quality later. 

Live Chat & Interaction

A live chat will be provided below the video embed on this page, however we would suggest using the #MODXpo channel in the MODX Community Slack for discussing things live, as that's more easily accessible to people visiting in-person as well. That will make it easier to virtually mingle.

For Q&A and other remote interactions, we're currently planning to use (subject to change). Note that the stream will have a delay of about 15-25 seconds, so questions/polls may appear in the widget before they are presented on-screen at the venue.


We'll be using Vimeo's free automatic captions for the live stream, which you can enable by clicking CC in the player. We're not sure how well these captions will work, the reports we're getting indicate they're "okay", depending on accents which will obviously differ between speakers.

If video ticket sales exceed our expectations, and/or we get additional sponsoring to turn the budget around, we do have some quotes for other captioning solutions that claim a higher accuracy and would be preferred.

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Video Tickets are set at €29 incl VAT during the early bird period (until May 27). Previously, we mentioned a price of €24 for video access. However as our discussion with potential AV partners continued, the total price kept going up, so we've had to take that into account. 

Buy your video tickets

While you can continue to buy video tickets until a month after the conference, we ask that you please buy the ticket as soon as you've decided you will follow the conference online.

If video ticket sales exceed expectations, we can improve the production value further with a third camera, improved lighting/decor, additional remote interaction etc, however those are not changes we can make in the last week before the event.

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