Schedule & Speakers

We're excited to bring you a diverse group of speakers from various backgrounds to talk about a mixed bag of topics. A bit of front-end development, a bit of back-end development, a bit of business, and of course a lot of MODX.

While just a single track, the length and type of talks are also mixed to keep you on the tip of your seat: some full length presentations, some lightning talks, a panel, and even an award ceremony!

Schedule Summary

A detailed timetable will be published closer to the conference. To help you with planning your itinerary, here's a brief summary of the key times to know on Friday July 8th:

  • 08:30 registration open (first floor)
  • 09:00 conference conference room open (if you're already at the venue or checked in before this time, you can find the coffee corner on the first floor, and some seats in the lobby and restaurant downstairs)
  • 09:30 welcome
  • 12:50-14:00 lunch (included in ticket)
  • 18:00 closing, followed by social event (including dinner) in the bar, with open bar till 21:00

For Saturday, we're looking into a Contributors Day from 10-16 where you'll be able to collaborate on projects, get help from experts, share case studies, bug hunt, etc. Details about this will be made available soon.

For those following the live stream, those times are CEST.

Amazing Speakers

These are the confirmed speakers so far, who will be presenting you with practical insights and inspiration.

In total we expect to see 11 different faces on stage, many of whom are already lined up but just need a bit of time to confirm their availability and talk before we'll list them here. So expect more speakers to be announced in the coming weeks!

Graeme Leighfield

Graeme Leighfield business

Managing Director @ GEL Studios

Award-winning agency GEL Studios has been all-in with MODX for many years. Graeme reflects on the role MODX has played in its success and the type of business tools that can be used with MODX to optimize for success.


Mirjam Aulbach

Mirjam Aulbach front-end

Software Engineer @ BRYTER

With a special love for JavaScript and unit testing, Mirjam joins us to explain what training dogs and test driven development have in common. This talk will take a practical approach, applying TDD methodology to JavaScript code.


Ryan Thrash Jason Coward

Ryan Thrash, Jason Coward panel

CEO, Lead Architect @ MODX

Do you have your burning questions ready?

Join us for an extra long remote panel discussion with the MODX team calling in from Texas (US) & Colorado (US), and let's discuss the past and future for MODX across business, technical, and marketing disciplines.

@rthrash @drumshaman

Pauline Vos

Pauline Vos keynote

Freelance software engineer

Pauline is a freelance software engineer and consultant based in Amsterdam. She’s passionate about good, clean software design and being as efficient (lazy) as possible. You can usually catch her teaching people about Git or doting on her daughter.

Keynote: Never stop learning, or how curiosity and cross pollination drives innovation

Software developers all know: continual learning is part of the job. And that's what so many of us love about it. Innovation is constant, and it's an exciting challenge to keep up with so many new technologies. But where do all these new concepts, frameworks, and patterns come from? Let’s take a journey through the history of innovation to explore how different worlds collided to inspire new, radical ideas. Let’s discover how cross-pollination has helped our community grow into what it is now, and can help us think of new ways to solve complex problems. Join us for a session of inspirational stories that illustrate how cross-pollination has helped form some of history’s most profound innovations, and will hopefully inspire you to conjure up your own radical new ideas.


Derick Rethans

Derick Rethans back-end

Independant Consultant

Derick Rethans is a PHP internals expert and author of Xdebug. He works as an independent contractor and consultant on PHP extensions and related projects.

He works for the PHP Foundation to improve PHP, and continues to contribute to the PHP project in numerous forms (Date/Time Extension, Xdebug, PHP 4.4/7.4 Release Manager, etc). He is a frequent lecturer at conferences, the author of php|architect's Guide to Date and Time Programming, and the co-author of PHP 5 Power Programming. Derick is also the host of the weekly-ish PHP Internals News podcast.

At the MODXpo, Derick will give you an update on the state of PHP, covering improvements to the type system from PHP 7.4-8.1.


Joshua Lückers

Joshua Lückers technical

Developer @ Springbok Agency

Joshua is developer at Springbok Agency, MODX Core Integrator and "Papa van Olivia". Living in Middelburg, Zeeland. Joshua will walk you through the interesting technical changes in MODX3.


Mark Hamstra

Mark Hamstra mostly front-end

Wearer of hats @ modmore

It's been 9 years since launching modmore, and in celebration Mark will come out to talk about Commerce 1.3 and the new capabilities that brings to webshops built in MODX. He may also bring along some surprises to add an extra spark to your MODX3 websites, but that's secret.


Speak at the MODXpo 2022!

We're awaiting confirmation of the last few speakers and expect the schedule to be filled to the brim after that. If you're interested in speaking, please get in touch immediately to see if you might get the final open slot.

We'd like to get a nice mix of talks and specifically we'd still love to see 10-minute lightning talks highlighting new or recently updated cool extras, something more design-focused, or something environmentally focused. We're open to other ideas that fit the MODX community, too!

If you may be interested in giving a talk, please email Mark. Even if you haven't fully fledged out the topic, slots are filling up rapidly, so the sooner you let us know you'd be interested, the better the chance we'll be able to schedule you. The one thing we can't seem to do is squeeze more time into the day, unfortunately.

Speaker Compensation

Speaker compensation for a 30 or 45 minute talk includes (1) a free ticket to the conference (with all drinks and food the whole day, including lunch, dinner, and open bar), (2) up to €150 travel reimbursement, and (3) €300 speaker budget. The speaker budget increases to €400 if over 100 tickets are sold, and to €500 if over 120 tickets are sold.

For a  shorter talk of 10-25 minutes, compensation includes (1) a free ticket to the conference (with all drinks and food the whole day, including lunch, dinner, and open bar), (2) up to €150 travel reimbursement, and (3) €150 speaker budget. The speaker budget increases to €200 if over 100 tickets are sold, and to €250 if over 120 tickets are sold.

Speakers can get a room at the venue hotel at a slight discount. These costs are deducted from the speaker budget, with the remainder paid out. Speakers are also welcome to make your own arrangements and get the full sum paid out. There is a cheaper hotel nearby if you have the transportation to get there, see Location.

We're also able of facilitating remote talks via videoconferencing, but we prefer local speakers to make interaction with the crowd easier. We're also tentatively booked on longer talk slots with only shorter talks left, and shorter talks are less likely to be worth the risk of IT failure. Remote speakers do get full compensation, plus a €50 flat equipment fee to replace the travel reimbursement.

We ask speakers to sign a speaker agreement to confirm compensation and expectations around availability, cancellation, etc. If you're interested, you can find the template we're using here.

Sometimes speakers tell us they don't necessarily need to get paid after they've accepted a speaker slot. In that case we turn the speaker budget to a sponsorship. If you see a speaker or their company listed as sponsor, that's what happened - we do not sell speaker slots for sponsorship. We're trying to curate an interesting line-up first and foremost.

Backup speakers

As the risk of speakers cancelling at the last minute is significantly larger than previous MODXpo's due to COVID, we're seeking two backup speakers.

Backup speakers aren't assigned to the schedule just yet, but are available to step in at the last minute to fill a vacant slot. For flexibility we ask backup speakers to attend in person and also be at the venue by 8:45 to get AV instructions, and in return for making yourself available you will get a free ticket, plus travel reimbursement up to €150 - even if you end up not having to speak. 

If you are indeed asked to do your talk less less than a week in advance, you get the full speaker compensation for the slot you'll fill (€150 for a short talk, €300 for a full 30-45 minute talk) plus a bonus €50 as token of our appreciation.

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