Authorize & Capture for

Commerce 1.3 introduces support for Authorize & Capture payments, which basically means taking an authorization on a creditcard during checkout, and capturing (charging) that at a later time, such as when the products are being shipped. This is also commonly referred to as a delayed capture.

We launched 1.3 with this functionality available on the Stripe and Manual gateways. With today's release of Commerce 1.3.0-rc8, the integration has also been updated to allow this payment flow.

To use it, update to 1.3.0-rc8, and simply check the checkbox on the payment method configuration for Request authorization instead of payment. Your checkout will complete as normal, but you'll receive a temporary authorization instead of the funds.

With, the authorization remains valid for 30 days. Within that period, you must either manually or automatically capture the transaction to complete the payment.

Special thanks to GT Schmidt for sponsoring the work on adding this feature.

Commerce 1.3.0-rc8 also adds a small new feature for JavaScript enhancements in the cart and checkout.

Before, the X-Requested-With header was required to receive a JSON response for any action. Now you can also choose to use the Accept header instead (with value application/json), which is more commonly known, and semantically correct. 

The X-Requested-With header will continue to be supported, so no changes are necessary if you currently rely on this.

Unless issues arise with this latest update, we expect this will be the last release candidate for Commerce 1.3 ahead of a stable release in the week of April 3rd.