ContentBlocks 1.13

A small ContentBlocks update is now available. This release includes some bug fixes and support for pdoTools' @FILE templates in field and layout templates. This means you can use Fenom syntax inside those files.

Because ContentBlocks already had its own @FILE implementation, the new support for pdoTools templates uses an alias, @PDO_FILE. Other than that, it is functionally equivalent and will pass the parsing over to pdoTools in both MODX 2.x and 3.x.

Special thanks to Joeke Kloosterman for providing the suggestion, and even a patch to add this feature, during our summer break.

The full changelog for ContentBlocks 1.13:

  • Add support for @PDO_FILE in templating. This acts like pdoTools' @FILE, so make sure `pdotools_elements_path` is set correctly. Special thanks to Joeke Kloosterman for providing this feature.
  • Fix properties not being parsed on the snippet input when a snippet property value contains 1
  • Fix showing category names when there are more than 20 [#697]
  • imagine/imagine updated from 1.3.3 to 1.3.5