Digital Product for Commerce 2.1.0

We've just released Digital Product for Commerce 2.1.0!

In this small feature release, we've added the ability to add digital products to product bundles. The product bundles themselves are not digital products, they continue to function in the same way. The difference is that now when creating a bundle, any digital products added to it will make links available to their digital resources as if they were added separately.

This means that if a customer completes the checkout process with a product bundle that contains three digital products, the links for each of those products will be available on the thank you page, and the customer's orders page.

If you encounter any issues, please open a support ticket or create an issue on the Github repository.

Murray Wood

Murray is a part-time senior developer at modmore, regular MODX core contributor, author of many Commerce extensions, and recently became a dad. He works remotely from Hong Kong, spending his time building exciting new features, squashing bugs, and providing support.