MoreGallery 1.16

MoreGallery 1.16 is now available as stable release.

This release features a new image select TV and input type for ContentBlocks (sponsored by Catch Media), support for YouTube Shorts, and, of course, assorted of bug fixes.

We also snuck in a few extra features in this relese, like multiple image imports (requires MODX 3.1) and a new image_count placeholder in the imageTpl chunks.

MoreGallery 1.16 is exclusively available for MODX 3.0 and up. On MODX 2.x, the last supported version is 1.14.

All changes in 1.16.0-pl:

  • Fix (local) thumbnails and crops not being automatically re-created when they no longer exist [S34774]
  • Support multiple image imports (requires MODX 3.1, see modxcms/revolution#16348)
  • Add drag and drop sorting to image selector TVs and ContentBlocks inputs
  • Add new "selection" sortBy value to mgGetImages snippet
  • Update MediaManager integration to track usage ("linked to" in mediamanager) [S34774]
  • Add [[+image_count]] placeholder to &imageTpl chunk [#249]
  • Recognise YouTube Shorts as YouTube videos [#241]
  • Fix getting previous/next image in single image mode, when sorting on `uploadedon` [#250]

The changelog for all versions can be found here.