New extension for Commerce: Donations

Perhaps you already noticed it in use on our own website: a new Donations widget powered by Commerce. This is powered by the new Donations extension we built to make it easier and more transparent to do fundraising or accept donations for projects.

Prior to this extension, it was possible to accept donations in arbitrary amounts only with a custom add to cart snippet, or with the ItemData module configured to allow an arbitrary price for any product, which isn't always desirable.

The Donations extension gives you more features:

  • Set a goal per project that is either all-time, monthly, or yearly
  • See how far along you are to reaching that goal
  • List the donations you've received on the website for transparency and "bragging rights", including optional donor name, amount, and a custom note
  • Either restrict to specific amounts or allow any custom amount
  • List all donations in the Commerce dashboard.

As donations go through the standard checkout, you also benefit from everything that has to offer. You could offer a wide range of payment methods, optionally add a transaction fee, or combine with other modules to automatically assign user access or provide other perks to your donors.

This is just the first version of this extension with the minimum features we figured this would need to be viable. 

If you have a use case that would require some additional functionality or flexibility, please do open a feature request so we can continue to add to it and make more use cases possible.

See an example of the extension, or visit the documentation to learn about how to set it up.