TableRates for Commerce 1.4

Yesterday we released v1.4 of the TableRates extension for Commerce.

With TableRates you can define a large quantity of different shipping rates based on shipping address (down to the zip/postal code level) and total shipment weight as CSV. This workflow is a concept we borrowed from Magento, and is typically used by maintaining the relevant rates in a spreadsheet and importing that from time-to-time.

The 1.4 release has increased requirements, including Commerce 1.3 and PHP 7.4. If you are not yet on those versions, you will need to stick with the 1.3 release instead.

This release makes 2 changes to the behavior of TableRates that are good to note:

  • If there are no matches, the shipping method is no longer available for customers. If you do want it to be available, add a fallback row (*,*,*,0,price) at the start of your CSV data [#3]
  • Make sure the shipping method is available if the minimum weight is exactly the same as the actual weight [#4]

If you currently rely on the old behavior where no matching rate would use the standard shipping method price, you will need to adjust your CSV data after upgrading to ensure customers can still choose the shipping method.