VersionX 3.0 is now available

Earlier this year we did some fundraising to develop VersionX 3, a complete rewrite that keeps the same versioning capabilities - but without taking up as much disk space.

While the beta has been available from GitHub for some time already, we're excited to officially release VersionX 3.0 on our package provider.

This release is still considered an early release. Once we received some more feedback, we'll release it as stable on the repository as well, to make your upgrades easier.

To learn more what it's VersionX 3 is all about, here's a video!

The short summary is that VersionX will now only save the changes, instead of full snapshots, and offers automatic cleanups which functions by merging changes in a short period of time together.

This release was made possible thanks to a number of amazing people and agencies, who contributed to a crowdfunding campaign earlier in the year. Thank you all so much for your support!