Commerce 1.5.0-pl available

Commerce 1.5.0-pl is now available. The 1.5 release contains a number of improvements and features compared to 1.4, such as:

  • Use different Status Changes for orders that are authorized vs paid
  • Tax calculation mode is now set per-order, allowing a more dynamic tax mode determination.
  • Initial support for iDEAL 2.0 through Mollie

The 1.5.0-pl release specifically covers a couple of improvements and fixes compared to the previous 1.5.0-rc2 release:

  • [dashboard] Add $defaultLimit property to GridWidget to allow different grids to have a different default limit [#1496]
  • [payments] Fix PayPal rounding issues bug that somehow got re-introduced [S41360]
  • [payments] Add more metadata to Stripe payments for easier cross-reference [#1490]
  • [payments] iDEAL 2 support for Mollie; set the Payment Method in the Mollie options to "ideal2". From July 1st, that will send users to the new iDEAL 2 checkout [#1487]
  • [tvs] Fix product sale price button not working in matrix TV due to datepicker js not being loaded
  • [core] Change autocomplete attribute in the PasswordField template to prevent modern browsers pre-filling them

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