VersionX 3.0.1

VersionX 3.0.1 has just been released fixing some errors that were popping up with the migration script, improving the versioned objects grid view, and making sure VersionX is completely translatable. Lexicons have now been added for all text. If you'd like to contribute translations for your language of choice, you can now do so by submitting a PR on GitHub.

Special thanks to Thomas Jakobi (@jako) for contributing to this release.


VersionX 3.0.1-pl
Released on 2024-03-07

- Update version 3 changes to properly use lexicons
- Make the action column on VersionX grids narrower on MODX 3
- Fix possible fatal error in migration script. (@jako) [#127]
- Update some German lexicon entries. (@jako) [#125]
- Fix fatal error due to a MODX 2 type hint when running the migration script on MODX 3

Murray Wood

Murray is a part-time senior developer at modmore, regular MODX core contributor, author of many Commerce extensions, and recently became a dad. He works remotely from Hong Kong, spending his time building exciting new features, squashing bugs, and providing support.