Big changes to kick off 2015

We've made a few big changes here at modmore to kick off 2015. With these changes, we're preparing modmore for the future by making payments easier, unlimited licenses more accessible and support more responsive for those who need it.

Holiday Availability

You've probably noticed, but the holiday season is in the air again. We're also going to be enjoying some down time with family and friends, which has an impact on our support coverage. Read on for more information about our support coverage over the next few weeks.

Black Friday Sale - up to 51% off!

We don't often give discounts, but when we do - it's up to 51% off! As today is Black Friday, we're dropping the prices of all single licenses.

Now Available: ContentBlocks 1.2

ContentBlocks 1.2 is now available! We have 12 new features for you, as well as nearly 30 improvements and bug fixes. Let's take a look at some of the main highlights and features that allow you build and manage content structures with greater flexibility and ease.

The MODX Weekend Videos are now free!

After two months of collecting contributions for the MODX Weekend Videos, resulting in €1519 contributed towards the goal of €2000, we're pleased to announce all MODX Weekend video is now available for free for all.