Looking for a Content/Communication person

At modmore we're a small development focused team building awesome extras for MODX. The downside of being development focused is that communication and content is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when working on an exciting new feature, even though it's super important. That's why we're looking for someone to work on Content and Communication.

Expanding the Team, one more time

A month ago, Joey and Bert joined the modmore team. Today, I have the honor of announcing two more people who will be helping us at modmore! Please welcome Isaac Niebeling and Christian Seel to the team :)

Expanding the Team.. again!

Not too long ago (like, 10 days ago) I was super excited to announce that Joey Augustin was joining the modmore team to help with content and marketing. Today, I'm back to announce that the team is growing... again! This time Bert Oost is joining the team - starting next week - to help out with development.

Expanding the Team

I'm excited to announce that the modmore team is expanding! Starting today, Joey Augustin will take on the role of Content Specialist.