Expanding the Team.. again!

Not too long ago (like, 10 days ago) I was super excited to announce that Joey Augustin is joining the modmore team to help with content and marketing. Today, I'm back to announce that the team is growing... again!

This time Bert Oost is joining the team - starting next week - to help out with development. He'll be working on fixing bugs and adding new features to our Premium Extras a few days a week, as well as our provider and billing engine. Once he's all settled in and knows what's what, you may also start seeing him responding to your support tickets. With his help, we can accelerate development and get you more awesome stuff faster.  

You may know Bert from his SimpleCart ecommerce plugin for MODX, or one of his open source packages and other contributions to the MODX Community. I'm super excited to have his skills and experience on the team. 

Welcome Bert! 

For all those SimpleCart users out there: don't worry, nothing's changing with that. Bert will continue to work on that - I hear 2.1 is coming soon!