Looking for a Content/Communication person

At modmore we're a small development focused team building awesome extras for MODX. The downside of being development focused is that communication and content are not necessarily the first things that come to mind when working on an exciting new feature, even though it's super important. Joey has been helping us with that, but as he got a job offer he couldn't refuse, we're looking for someone to join the modmore team for about 4 hours per week. 

As far as job descriptions go, here's a sample of the things you might work on. 

  • Copywriting and content editing. For our monthly newsletters, social media and blog we need a steady flow of content. Sometimes the content will be provided which just needs to be improved (grammar/spelling/general flow of the text), but you may also receive a simple itemised list of what needs to be in an announcement. 
  • Exploring content-related ideas / strategies / new features for the website or other channels. One of your first projects for example will be implementing drip campaigns that guide first-time buyers into making the most of their purchase and to come back for more and soliciting reviews. 
  • Writing or improving documentation and FAQs for our products. 
  • Helping with marketing surrounding product launches, events or holidays. 

Here's what we hope for in an ideal candidate:

  • Excellent English writing skills. 
  • Self-motivated and independent working. There will be tasks we'll ask you to work on, but it's up to you to get it done.  
  • Affinity and experience with MODX and ideally experience with our available Premium Extras. 
  • Bonus points for:
    • Based in Europe or America to make sure there is some overlap in timezones with the rest of the team.
    • Front-end development skills for creating awesome landing pages independently and working with pre-ContentBlocks pages that have mixed markup and presentation. (sorry)

In return, modmore has to offer:

  • Completely flexible and remote working hours. We're looking for around 4 hours per week, but how and when you work on those is up to you, and it's not a problem if it's 2 hours one week, and 6 the next. There's no central modmore office, so you'll be working remotely, communicating with the rest of the team via Slack. We do have a monthly modmore meeting via Google Hangouts that you are expected to join. Candidates near Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, are welcome to work in Mark's home office ("modmore hq"). 
  • Mostly deadline-free working environment. The only deadlines you'll have to worry about is getting the monthly newsletter out within the month, and ensuring blog posts announcing new releases are ready in time. 
  • Honestly, not the best pay in the tech world, but we'll try to make you a fair offer. modmore is a small, bootstrapped business founded by a guy in his 20s, but we are making profit and hope to grow with your help. 
  • Of course free licenses of all our products to use in your own projects, and free access to events that modmore hosts or sponsors (flight/hotel not included for part-time jobs at this time, but for bigger events we can try to figure something out).

If this sounds like you or if you have any questions about this job offer, and you are not a recruiter, please contact mark via [email protected] before April 13th. Please include a short introduction of yourself, any related work experience and at least one thing you, as our new content and communication person, would improve about this blog post or another aspect of the website.