The MODX Weekend Recap

From September 19-22 just shy of 50 MODX Professionals gathered in Zeist, The Netherlands, for the first ever MODX Weekend. There was already a great vibe on Friday, and I've seen nothing but happy faces throughout the rest of the weekend. This blog contains a recap of the sessions and other activities we had with plenty of pictures and links to the video, which are online today.

Now Available: MoreGallery 1.2

MoreGallery 1.2 is now available! This releases fixes a number of bugs, makes MoreGallery look a lot better in 2.3 and ships with a bunch of improvements to give you more control over your galleries. Read on to find out more about the highlights in this release.

1 Year Anniversary Giveaway Results

A month ago we announced our € 1 111 giveaway to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. Today, I'm excited to share with you how you and our other customers have voted and the final results! In total 249 votes have been cast on 7 nominees.

Now Available: ContentBlocks 1.1!

Guess what? The first minor update for ContentBlocks is now available! Well, minor.. with a changelog of roughly 70 entries and over 350 commits since 1.0.1 you can hardly call this one minor. We have 9 new features for you, as well as 20 improvements and tons of bug fixes. ContentBlocks 1.1 is the biggest minor release we have developed across all of our extras (including the open source bunch!) so I am excited to share with you the highlights.