Scheduler lets you plan tasks to be executed in the future or asynchronously. It is meant to provide an easy to integrate scheduling engine or message queue for developers, plus a component for admins.

Version: 1.4.1-pl

V2 & V3

MODX Compatibility

Downloads: 833

License: MIT

Build by modmore

Scheduler • Changelog

Scheduler is maintained by modmore and considered production ready.

Scheduler 1.4.1-pl

Released on 2022-12-16

Released on 2022-12-16

  • Add russian translation [#27]

Scheduler 1.4.0-pl

Released on 2021-06-25

Released on 2021-06-25

  • Apply some left padding to the stats bar in the component
  • Apply formatting to the stats bar to make it easier to read thousands/millions
  • Show average processing time on the tasks list
  • Update grids to allow filtering on specific tasks instead of only the namespace, adjust visible columns
  • Only show row expander in historic runs if there is a message or an error for the task

Scheduler 1.3.0-pl

Released on 2021-02-20

Released on 2021-02-20

  • Add indices for various fields used for searching and filtering, should improve performance on sites with a large history substantially [#25]
  • Add task_key field to sTaskRun, to allow setting/searching/indexing of small pieces of data. Among other things, this allows outside extras to retrieve and act on task runs more easily.
  • Track the processing time of task runs [#20]
  • Add optional automatic cleanup of old tasks. Set the scheduler.delete_tasks_after system setting to a value like "-1 year" or "-2 weeks" to remove completed and failed tasks older than that.

Scheduler 1.2.0-pl

Released on 2020-01-03

Released on 2020-01-03

  • Fix use of old modAction-based routing, removed in 3.0
  • Fix incorrect processor names with new case sensitivity in 3.0
  • Improve display of grids in MODX3 to better fit with the gear icon
  • Better handle Error/Exceptions triggered by a task
  • Make sure modError service is loaded
  • Send an email when a task run fails to configured address (scheduler.email_failure setting) [#14]

Scheduler 1.1.0-pl

Released on 2015-05-29

  • sTask->schedule now returns the sTaskRun object on success
  • Add option to schedule a task from the task context menu (#11)
  • Fix several issues when isn't an array (#15, #18)
  • Use configured manager_date_format and manager_time_format for the date/time displayed in the component (#16)
  • Fix adding non-snippet tasks due to validation (#13)
  • Fix fields being duplicated in the Tasks window
  • Improve display of (nested) data arrays in grid

Scheduler 1.0.2-pl

Released on 2014-05-28

  • Fix typos in English lexicon, added Dutch and German (Thx Christian Seel!)

Scheduler 1.0.1-pl

Released on 2014-05-06

  • Fixed: load right package meta data at installation

Scheduler 1.0.0-pl

Released on 2014-05-06

  • Initial release

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