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SimpleAB allows you to A/B (split) test chunks and templates in MODX.

Version: 1.2.1-pl


MODX Compatibility

Downloads: 462

License: MIT

Build by modmore

SimpleAB • What is A/B Testing?

A/B Testing is a methodology often used by marketing or sales departments to test variations in design, text or both. The goal of A/B Testing is to optimize websites in such a way that they maximize conversions. "Conversions" is a fancy word for getting the visitor to do what you want them to do: submit a form, click a link, share a page or simply stay on the page for a period of time.

Typically an A/B test has one Control variation that is the current design, and a single variation that is different. By measuring the views and conversions for each variation it is possible to calculated the normalized conversion rate. Compare these with each other, and you'll know which of the variations works best.

Multivariate Testing

A similar but slightly different term you may have heard about is multivariate testing. While the idea behind it is the same as A/B Testing, multivariate testing is considered to be a lot more granular. While A/B testing looks at a single set of variations (e.g. testing conversions of "current homepage" against "current homepage with more orange"), with multivariate testing you would be collecting data on two or more independent sets of variations (e.g. testing the color of one button against another color, and testing different font sizes).

Because the tests are independent, any number of combinations can exist. By registering conversions to both tests, you might notice that the color green has the highest conversion rate, while in terms of font size people like the default of 16pt best. Had you just tested different variations of the button without approaching the variables independently, you might not ever found out wether it was the color or font size that was driving your conversions.

A/B Testing with SimpleAB

SimpleAB is a native solution for MODX Revolution to start A/B Testing your website. Simply define the different variations for a test, define where/how conversions occur and sit back to watch the data pour in. With SimpleAB you can define variations in Chunks (ideal to test how well a call to action on your homepage converses) or in entire Templates. Please review the documentation for instructions on Testing Chunks and Testing Templates.

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