SimpleCart is a basic e-commerce solution for MODX, including online payments, coupons and more.

Version: 2.8.0-pl


MODX Compatibility

Downloads: 706

Rated: 4.7/5

Price: € 99 per site

By modmore

PayPal for SimpleCart

PayPal is one of the most popular global payment options. 

To use PayPal with SimpleCart, install the package from our package provider. It's a free addition to SimpleCart. Once installed, you can learn more about the configuration here.


PayPal Gateway for SimpleCart 1.1.7-pl

Released on 2019-11-13

Released on November 13th, 2019

  • Update description to include the order number (update to SimpleCart 2.7)

PayPal Gateway for SimpleCart 1.1.6-pl

Released on 2018-02-19

  • Fix issue with transactions over 1000 truncating the numbers again [S16139]

PayPal Gateway for SimpleCart 1.1.5-pl

Released on 2016-03-07

  • Fix issue with transactions over 1000 (#1)

PayPal Gateway for SimpleCart 1.1.4-pl

Released on 2015-12-02

  • Fix issue where decimals might get cut off from the order total

PayPal Gateway for SimpleCart 1.1.3-pl

Released on 2015-11-30

  • Fix rounding issue if the total is not nicely 2 decimals
  • Fix potential issue saving sessions before redirecting the user off-site
  • Fix issue on certain server locales where transactions would fail to create due to number formatting issues
  • Include MIT license in package

PayPal Gateway for SimpleCart 1.1.2-pl

Released on 2015-08-20

  • Fix missing order description when paying with PayPal
  • Fix typo in payment method description
  • Add SimpleCart as dependency for MODX Revolution 2.4+

PayPal Gateway for SimpleCart 1.1.1-pl

Released on 2015-07-16

  • Add entries to the Log when a payment cannot be verified if it is token related

PayPal Gateway for SimpleCart 1.1.0-pl

Released on 2015-06-10

  • PayPal Gateway is now maintained and distributed by

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