We love Open Source

Open source is awesome. MODX is open source, after all, and we're here to help support MODX and the MODX Community.

One of the ways we try to provide value to the Community is by adopting open source projects. These projects may receive dedicated development resources, regular donations, marketing or mentorship from the modmore team. We're still trying to figure out the best way to help developers get their tools ready for the "real world" but hope to be able of blogging about some results soon.

The Open Source projects we're keen to contribute on include the following:

  • VersionX. The number one Versioning addon for MODX Revolution, VersionX provides users with an easy way to keep track of and revert any type of content. modmore hopes to accelerate the development of VersionX to provide awesome, not-seen-before features that tie in with the versioning concept.
  • ImportX. Simple but powerful, the next iteration of ImportX will also be crazy flexible and ready for more importing (and exporting!) than you can probably imagine. We're already starting to make modmore products ready for ImportX 2.0.
  • HandyMan. Mark's first attempt at monetizing open source resulted in a jQuery-based MODX Manager for on the go. It's been a very quiet project for a very long time that is about to get shaken up a bit.
  • ClientConfig. modmore wants to provide awesomeness and flexibility, and ClientConfig already does both, but users are demanding more. Who would we be to not listen and kick this into next gear?

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