Questions & Answers

These are real (well, not all of them) questions we've seen or heard being asked.

So what is modmore?

modmore is a brand by Mark Hamstra Web Development. Our goal is to make the MODX content management platform better, and we do that by providing high quality Premium Extras as well as contributing to the project in various different ways. This ranges from donating a part of our revenue to community initiatives in the form of contests, bug bounties and sponsoring meetups, to contributing to the MODX Core code.

We also offer Premium MODX Support for people to get access to all of our knowledge about MODX instead of just our own extras, and have been at the forefront of the MODX Community Slack channel and which aim to connect and inform the MODX Community.

Can I get free stuff?

We've got a whole bunch of free extras for you to use at no charge. Chances are you've already used some, like ClientConfig or VersionX, before you realised we also offer Premium Extras. ;)

There's also a big drawer filled with stickers around here somewhere, so if you want some MODX and/or modmore stickers and don't have the opportunity to meet us at a MODX meetup or conference soon, drop us an email and we'll happily ship you some. 

I'm organising a MODX Meetup/Conference/Hackathon. Can you sponsor the event?

We'd love to!

Let us know what you're planning (even if it's still in early stages) so we can see if it's right for us. Just email Mark with specifics (including location, tentative date and program and what sort of sponsoring you're looking for); the more you can tell us the better!

We can offer financial sponsorship, help you find a speaker (possibly someone on our team, or just someone awesome we know in your area), and/or provide you with some swag and licenses to hand out.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes we do! For every new client you send to us, we provide you with 10% commission on all of their future purchases.

Why should I pay for Extras?

If it's important to you that an extra is actively maintained and well-supported, a Premium Extra makes total sense. 

Rather than posting on a public forum hoping for someone to have also used the tool you've hit a problem with, you get access to our same-day email support with every premium extra bought. Since our launch in 2013, we've had thousands of conversations with our users via our support email, helping them accomplish their goals every single day. 

We also see it as our responsibility to care for the MODX community. A lot of what makes MODX so great comes from unpaid work by volunteers around the world. We're active contributors (and integrators/maintainers, even!) of the MODX core and try to make that a welcome environment. While we're not quite big ourselves to make a financial dent in individual contributors' bank accounts, we do try to support contributors with event sponsorships, bounties, and Patreon sponsorships.  

You should build an awesome ecommerce engine for MODX!

That's not a question.

Will you ever build an awesome ecommerce engine for MODX?

We did!

Can I re-sell licenses to my client?

You may not re-sell or re-distribute licenses (each license is valid for one site only), however you may offer your clients the service of purchasing, installing and/or implementing our Premium Extras. It doesn't matter in that case if the purchase is made from your account or an account specific to your client, as long as you provide the service and have obtained a valid license.

Do I need a separate license for a development site?

Not anymore! We offer free development licenses, so you can use our Premium Extras for free on a range of different domains, like localhost, and Read more about free development licenses here.

If you have a complex workflow we would be glad to discuss the best way to deal with our licenses, just shoot us an email.

How does licensing work when I have a MODX install that serves multiple sites across contexts?

Every license is valid for a single MODX installation, with no limit on the number of contexts you can use. So you just need a single license for a multi-context site.

However, you need to make sure your manager is served only from a single domain, as you might end up getting a lot of invalid license alerts if the manager domain keeps changing. You can do that by using a rewrite in your .htaccess file or redirecting in your nginx web rules. 

I'm a developer. Can I sell my commercial extras at modmore?

We do not aim to be a marketplace for third party developers to sell their extras. 

When we hear about cool extras that are a good fit alongside our own extras, we may consider offering those our platform, but we'll always "curate" what's available and our release processes and such are not currently set up with third parties in mind. 

What is a Premium Extra?

A Premium Extra is an Extra (or add-on, extension, package - whatever you like to call them) for MODX Revolution that can be purchased from modmore. The difference with free or open source Extras is that a license is required to use it.

Selling these licenses provides a business model for modmore, meaning we can spend more time spent on actively maintaining and further developing an Extra. We also provide email and support through our forum in return for your license purchase.

Can I charge my clients for your Premium Extras?

We do allow that you pass on the costs of the Premium Extra licenses (and of course your fee for implementation and a profit margin) to your client. If you've purchased an unlimited license, you can still charge your clients a fair price for each license use, too.

It is however not allowed to re-sell our Premium Extras, however, so charging your clients for our extras must be part of a larger agreement, such as building them a new website. At this time we also don't allow embedding (or automating an installation) our extras as part of installable themes or site/starter packs; instruct your users on how they can get the necessary extras setup instead.

Can I get a free license for a non profit?

If you're also volunteering your design or development skills to a non-profit, we may be able of backing you up with either free or discounted licenses for one or more of our Premium Extras. 

Please send us an email at [email protected] with details about the non-profit and the work you are doing, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I get a free license for a MODX review/tutorial site?

At this point, we're not actively giving away licenses for review sites but if you send us an email via [email protected] we will evaluate your request.

Can I get a refund for a purchased license?

Due to the digital nature of the products and that we offer free development licenses to try out our extras, we do not offer refunds after a license has downloaded, however if you're not satisfied with your purchase we want to know and make things better for you.

Send us an email and let us know about why you're unhappy, and we will do what we can for you.

I have another question!

Great! Shoot us an email via [email protected], and we will provide an answer :)

I'm organising a MODX Meetup/Hack-a-thon/Barmeet/Conference etc, want to sponsor?

We love MODX events! Please reach out to Mark via [email protected] with information about your event and what kind of sponsorship you're looking for, and he will work with you to figure something out! 

Here are some of the important questions, please include this information in your request: 

  • When is it?
  • Where is it held, at what kind of facility?
  • What can you tell us about the people you are hoping to attract? Are they just locals, or do you expect people to fly in from abroad/out of state too? Designers, developers or business owners? How many people do you hope will attend?
  • Will there be any presentations/talks (if so, by who/about what?) or is it an informal gathering? 

Aside from financial sponsoring, we may also be able of providing you with a speaker/talk, some merchandise to hand out and help reaching MODXers through our blog and newsletter. 

Please ensure there's enough time between reaching out to us and the event itself, at the very least a week or two but the sooner the better.

Are you working on anything new?

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