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BabelTranslate helps you automatically translate your content with a translation service, currently supporting DeepL Free and Pro. It translates the content of a MODX resource with a button from a linked Babel resource.

Version 1.4.0-pl

V2 & V3

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Downloads 75

Price €39 per site

Developer Treehill Studio


BabelTranslate 1.4.0-pl

Released on 2024-06-25


  • Allow to use multiple translator services in one resource
  • Set the order of translator services with the babeltranslate.translators system setting
  • Use arabic language as source and target language with DeepL
  • Add the context key to the languages in the BabelTranslation button

BabelTranslate 1.3.0-pl

Released on 2024-04-25


  • Add Reverso as translator service
  • Show only available source and target languages in the BabelTranslate button
  • Translate nested repeaters

BabelTranslate 1.2.3-pl

Released on 2024-04-01


  • Add French translation
  • Set DeepL translate options with the babeltranslate setting deepl_text_translation_options (can use @FILE or @CHUNK bindings)

BabelTranslate 1.2.2-pl

Released on 2024-03-13


  • Fix translating child layouts multiple

BabelTranslate 1.2.1-pl

Released on 2024-02-29


  • Fix translations for ContentBlocks tables

BabelTranslate 1.2.0-pl

Released on 2024-02-14


  • Show the BabelTranslate button only on resources in contexts referenced in babel.contextKeys
  • Translate fields recursive in repeaters
  • Add Arabic language to the list of allowed languages


  • Requires at least Babel 3.2.0
  • Update Composer dependencies

BabelTranslate 1.1.0-pl

Released on 2023-06-21


  • BabelTranslateCustomTV skeleton running on OnBabelTranslateCustomTV event
  • Distinguish between a non-existent or an empty template variable in the debug messages
  • Add Korean and Norwegian (bokmål) language to the list fo allowed languages


  • Update Composer dependencies

BabelTranslate 1.0.5-pl

Released on 2022-10-05


  • Don't translate the alias of a resource and fill it with an empty string. MODX will fill it with the transliterated pagetitle


  • Don't throw a fatal error, when the translated resource field contains NULL

BabelTranslate 1.0.4-pl

Released on 2022-10-04


  • The babeltranslate settings translate_resource_fields, translate_resource_tvs and translate_resource_cb_fields can use @FILE or @CHUNK bindings


  • Don't load ContentBlocks service if it is not installed

BabelTranslate 1.0.3-pl

Released on 2022-09-30


  • Add Ukrainian language to the list fo allowed languages


  • Update Composer dependencies

BabelTranslate 1.0.2-pl

Released on 2022-09-24


  • Bugfix for empty translated ContentBlocks nested fields, when the translation failed.

BabelTranslate 1.0.1-pl

Released on 2022-09-19


  • Bugfix for not translated ContentBlocks repeater field values

BabelTranslate 1.0.0-pl

Released on 2022-07-13


  • Initial release for MODX Revolution

BabelTranslate 1.0.0-rc1

Released on 2022-06-14


  • Initial release for MODX Revolution

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