MODX 3 compatibility & MoreGallery 1.7 with improved PDF support

The first alpha build of MODX3 is available! Big shout out to Sterc for all that they've done over the past months to get us here. Without them, this wouldn't have happened, period.

The bad news is, all of our Premium Extras will need an update to allow them to be installed on MODX 3. This is due to a small change in the package installation process, that happens to break the licensing (decryption) process. We're rolling out fixes for that to all our premium extras over the next week. Our open source extras should have no issues installing.

While we're going through our extras, we'll squeeze in some bug fixes, MODX3 optimisations, and perhaps a couple of new features here and there. So keep your eyes peeled for our updates if you're looking to get started with testing MODX3!

MoreGallery 1.7 is now available

MoreGallery 1.7 is our first extra to be installable on MODX3.

Along with the installation fix, this release improves PDF support by automatically creating thumbnails from the first page (requires Imagick) and supporting new properties on the mgGetImages snippet for &pdfTpl and &singlePdfTpl to make it easier to present PDFs differently from your standard images or videos.

v1.7 can also generate thumbnails for SVG files that aren't entirely up to spec, by automatically adding a missing xml header.

Finally, we've reworked the handling of the content position to support both MODX3 and Revolution 2.x, combined with some MODX3-specific styling to better fit the new design.

Current Status of MODX 3 Compatibility

Last updated on July 11th.