ContentBlocks v1.10

Have you ever accidentally implemented a feature? 😅

Today's ContentBlocks release was supposed to be a hotfix for an issue with the code input that became a problem after the v1.9 release 10 days ago - but then I accidentally added the ability to whitelist/blacklist templates to use ContentBlocks on using template properties in a rather productive development session. And as a new feature means a new minor version increment, I've just released ContentBlocks v1.10.

The new template property support replaces the custom plugin approach to enabling/disabling ContentBlocks per template that we've recommended in the past. How to set up the template property is explained here.

Besides this new feature, v1.10 focuses on bug fixes:

  • Prevent fatal error when working with crops/uploading images if the Exif extension isn't installed or allow_url_fopen is disabled
  • Update Ace to fix issue with the code input that started appearing in v1.9.0 [#596]
  • Replace library used for autogrowing textareas and quote inputs, to provide a better user experience and more reliable autosizing. For third party compatibility, the old library is still shipped as part of ContentBlocks. [#594]
  • Prevent literal "NULL" being rendered in the resource link dropdown if the introtext is set to NULL on the database [#588]
  • Allow enabling/disabling per template by using template properties: [#559]

Stay safe, and have a great weekend!