Discontinuing Digital Signage, Formalicious, SEOSuite and VerifyLogin per December 1st

Starting on (or around) December 1st, we will no longer offer downloads for any extras originally built by Sterc from our package provider.

These extras (Digital Signage, Formalicious, SEOSuite and VerifyLogin) were originally sold as premium extras, however in June of last year they decided to pull the plug and to refocus their efforts elsewhere. Since then we've kept the latest version of those extras available as a courtesy to our users, while Sterc took the necessary steps to re-release those extras on MODX.com so they have full control of their extras again.

As modmore is not (nor does it aim to be) a general marketplace for extras, we cannot keep serving third party open source extras indefinitely.


We're also preparing for the official MODX3 release in January/February, following the recently announced MODX3 release schedule and beta release just the other day.

Preparing for MODX3 includes making sure our platform is ready to support and build extras that are only meant to be used on either MODX3 or 2.x, regardless of the MODX version our site itself uses, which is not currently possible. We're changing the way our packages are built to allow that, but as Sterc's extras use different build tooling from our own, we can't justify the effort needed to also keep that working.

So the time has come to formally end support for those extras on our platform.


The exact timeline is to be determined as work is ongoing, but sometime around or after December 1st we will push these changes to our package provider and will then disable downloads for Digital Signage, Formalicious, SEOSuite and VerifyLogin. We'll also start removing them from the site, but will keep documentation and links for now.

If you have an existing installation that will continue to work. To make sure you can update to new versions, please change the package provider for those packages to MODX.com

This change will not affect the extras we distribute on behalf of Treehill Studios (Agenda and ConsentFriend); those will continue to be available as normal.