Sterc's Extras will be free from August 1st

Update August 18th, 2020: with a bit of a delay, all Sterc's extras can now be used for free.

After selling premium extras via modmore (and modstore) for the past few years, Sterc has decided to refocus their energy on their core business of creating awesome websites and applications with MODX. This means that their currently-premium extras (Digital SignageFormalicious, SEOSuite, and VerifyLogin) will become free to use on August 1st, 2020

After this date, support for the extras will only be available through either our premium support or through Sterc's service desk directly. Public source code repositories will also be made available by Sterc for reporting issues, features, and proposing improvements. 

Sterc will also make the extras available for installation through after August 1st. We'll keep them up and running on our package provider for the time being, but may at a future date remove them from our provider if that's no longer necessary. 

If you currently have an unlimited license subscription, that has been extended at no cost until August 1st at which point it will automatically expire. 

You may also find Sterc's announcement at