Discontinued; no longer available from modmore. Formalicious is the most powerful and easiest MODX form builder, with built-in multi-step forms, 8 field types, hooks, validation and the ability to use advanced FormIt features.

Version 2.0.4-pl


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Downloads 1,003

Rating 3.7/5


Developer Sterc

March 2022

This extra is discontinued

This extra was originally built by Sterc and distributed by modmore as a Premium Extra, however in 2020 Sterc decided they can no longer offer the support required for it to qualify as premium. The extras then became available as open source for some time as a courtesy, but have since been discontinued from modmore entirely.

This extra may still be available via the package provider or GitHub.

Unfortunately we can no longer provide standard support for this extra. You may request (paid) support via Sterc or our Premium MODX Support, or look for the relevant GitHub repositories.

Formalicious is a powerful multi-step form builder, with support for 8 different field types, built-in validation, and the ability to use hooks and other advanced FormIt features. Formalicious speeds up your own form-building and also enables your clients to manage their own forms with just a few clicks. Powered by Sterc.

  • 8 Field Types

    With all necessary fields types, you can intuitively build forms for anything from contact forms to event registrations. You can choose from the following: text, textarea, email, number, checkboxes, radiobuttons, select, and file upload.

  • Multiple Steps Support

    Create forms that span multiple pages, without having to worry about setting up temporary storage, resources for each step, or other headache-inducing steps. Just click Create new step and add the fields, Formalicious takes care of the rest.

  • Automatic Validation & Sanitisation

    Just tick the box to mark a field as required, and Formalicious automatically handles validation for you. Submitted values are also automatically sanitised to make sure your form is protected against Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks.

  • Advanced FormIt Features

    If you need to use one of the more advanced features of FormIt, such as pre- and post-hooks, or want to specify additional properties, you can add those to your forms through the Formalicious component as well.

  • HTML email & auto-replies

    Every form submission is automatically sent to a designated email address and a friendly auto-reply is sent to the website visitor when submitting a form. All emails are 100% customisable with your own corporate identity.

  • Save data with 256-bit encryption

    Saving forms can be useful as a backup, but it's also a privacy risk. Therefore FormIt has been equipped with Rijndael 256-bit encryption to keep your data secure (mcrypt module required).

  • Powerful customisation

    Formalicious has tons of possibilities by default, but it also comes with the ability to customise it to your own needs. Add you own custom validators, field types and emails.

Formalicious speeds up your own form-building and makes it easy for clients to create and manage forms.

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